how to stop music at certain time

4 Minute Total Body Warm Up for Dance

by / 0 Comments / 3160 View / October 8, 2013

If you only have an hour for class, or are just in  hurry to work on other things, a long warm up can be frustrating. Warm ups are extremely important in dance. You loosen up, gain flexibility and strength, and work on core technique. If you’re wanting to do all these things, but just don’t have time to commit to a 30-minute warm up, try this awesome 4 minute total body warm up:

Minute 1: Jumping Jacks

Minute 2: Walking pushups. Perform 2-4 pushups, plank-walk four steps to the side and repeat. This adds a bit of muscle confusion to your normal pushups.

Minute 3: Burpees- yep. Jump up. Bug. feet out to push up. Do 4 push ups and repeat for an entire minute.

Minute 4: 30 Seconds each leg. Hold passes and work on plie releves.

The easiest way to time your minute is to set it up on iTunes. Find 5 songs that you really enjoy and set them each to play for one minute. When the song changes, change your exercise. That way you can focus on the movement- not the clock. Here is how to do that:

Go to iTunes. Find the songs you want to use and put them in a play list. Next, left click on each individual song:


Click the “Get Info” Option

how to stop music at certain time

Click the “options” tab and click “stop time” Set to one minute or however long you want to go for and hit “apply.” Repeat this for every song to get to 4 minutes.

If you’re new to extreme warm ups, start with 45 seconds of each exercise. Then work your way up, modify the exercises or create your own. Good luck!


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