Improve splits how to teach splits

4 Ways to Improve Splits

by / 0 Comments / 21104 View / December 3, 2012

These are fun, new stretches to incorporate into your classes. Doing these stretches will push your students further to gain flexibility and improve their splits- at any level.

1. Turn back leg under in splits.

Improve splits how to teach splits

2. Use gym mat to increase range of split. You can place your front or back leg on the mat to improve your splits.

How to improve splits on mat

3. Flat back over your splits. Sit in splits as you normally would, and take arms above head. Slowly flat back over, but don’t touch the ground. Think about pressing your stomach into your thigh.

How to improve splits by flat back

4. Bend back leg into an attitude position. The more you turn in, the further you will feel the stretch.

How to improve splits by back leg

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