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5 Foods to Keep you Teaching (or Dancing) All Night Long

by / 2 Comments / 456 View / May 2, 2013

Whether you’re dancing or teaching all night long, you’ll definitely need some sort of snack or food to keep you on your A game. Dance teachers don’t have much time to eat a full dinner every night, so instead we have to rely on quick snacks. Unfortunately, “quick snack” is typically synonymous with cheap, unhealthy food. We are going to change this! Here are five (delicious) foods that are quick, healthy, and filling.


Bananas + Peanut Butter
Both are inexpensive, and can be store without refrigeration. You can even purchase individual sized peanut butter packs to portion out your intake.

Luna/Cliff Bars 
Both Luna and Cliff bars are mostly organic, and less sugary than other snack bars. Perfect snack for dance teachers!

Nut Mixes
Most major nut companies are making trail mixes that have different purposes, and I’ve recently seen “Energy Mix” which sounds easy and filling for dance teachers on the go!

Baked Crackers 
I personally enjoy those large cartons of Goldfish, but I know not every dance teacher likes those. The great thing about these is that you can purchase them in bulk, and sometimes a quick carb-up is what you need.

Apples, Oranges, Carrots, any veggie
These fruits and vegetables are great for dance teachers because you can throw them in your bag and go. Plus, they’ll give you a ton of needed hydration you need to restore.

If you have a refrigerator, yogurt, cheese, and protein shakes are a great way to go too. Hopefully you’ll think of these snacks during nights at the studio, and won’t need to eat any more junk food.

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  2. […] 5 Foods to Keep you Teaching (or Dancing) All Night Long → […]

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