5 Things to Avoid on your Studio Website

by / 0 Comments / 37 View / March 3, 2015

Having a good website is invaluable. Since most people will check out your site before entering your studio, it is truly their first impression of you. You won’t get to introduce your talented teachers or show off your spacious facility if you can’t get people interested over the internet.

Websites are extremely affordable so there is no reason to not update your website every few years. Here are things to avoid at all cost when it comes to your website:

Having a Blog with One Entry

So your web design company said that you needed a blog. A year later, it sits empty. If you don’t have time to commit to a blog, that is perfectly fine. But don’t set one up just to have the only post be “Hello World” – it looks tacky and outdated. Not to mention it could appear like you never update your site.

Not sure what to blog about?

  • Company News
  • Staff Updates (including gigs, engagements, honors, etc)
  • Local Community Involvement
  • A Place to post images and videos

Its Not Responsive

As consumers browse more and more on phones and tablets, your website needs to be responsive. If you hire an agency and this isn’t included in the price, you are getting ripped off. You need a responsive site. Period.

Not sure what a responsive site is? Visit Dance Teacher Connect on your phone or tablet.

Having a Difficult to Read Class Schedule

I don’t know about you, but when i click on a class schedule and it takes me to a poor-quality PDF file, I go insane.

Either use a table generator or make sure your PDF is clean and easy to read. Less is more- especially when you’re on a tablet or phone. Consider not only listing your classes by day of week, but also by class type and level. That way its easy to read no matter how people are searching.

An Overcrowded Menu

Your menu shouldn’t have more than 6 categories. It gets messy and difficult to navigate. If you’re having trouble with menu categories, use subcategories (this is better for readers and search algorithms anyway) If mega-websites like Target & Best Buy can function with less menu options, so can you.

Social Icons that Go Nowhere

Social Icons

Often times site layouts come pre-loaded with social icons which is really helpful! Don’t forget about these. It not only looks unprofessional when a user clicks and is taken to Facebook.com, it prevents potential customers from connecting with you on your more-personal side of social media.

If you think you got jipped on your website, contact me. I may be able to take a look and make some recommendations. Just because you don’t know web design doesn’t mean the web company you hired can give you a mediocre website.

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