warm up exercises to never skimp on

5 Warm Up Exercises to Never Skimp On

by / 0 Comments / 4938 View / February 25, 2014

Sometimes you need to cut a warm up short. There’s only so much time during a class and a proper warm up often takes 30 -45 minutes. If you do need to modify your warm up every once in a while, don’t skimp on these 5 important exercises and stretches:


Cardio is sometimes the first thing to go if your planning a short warm up, but take caution. You can seriously injure yourself while stretching if you’re not warm. Additionally, dancers need an impressive amount of stamina if they’re going to perform their dances well. If you need to make cardio short, thats okay, but try to get in something! If you need a quick cardio routine, here’s a 4 minute warm up with jumps, push ups and abs.

Ankle Warm Up:

This goes along with a cardio workout, assuming that you’re performing a wide array of small jumps. Make sure you do these jumps and roll your ankles; it will prevent ankle injuries which can be debilitating.

Hamstring Stretch:

Hamstrings are used in most technical elements including all types of battements, leaps and floor work. Do a few different hamstring stretches before you dance like: rolling down, lunge to straight and hip swings. Don’t let your students attempt hamstring-intensive tricks if they aren’t properly warmed up.


Even if its only a quick balancing exercise, make your students do one. Try this quick one:

  • Start in parallel second
  • Releve
  • Flex your right foot, balancing for 10-20 seconds
  • Switch
  • Repeat 3x


It takes a very long time for dancers to make the connection between their arms, torso, back and legs. Make this easier for them by always doing crunches or Pilates. Even holding a plank for 1 minute is better than nothing!

Even if you’re short on time, do these exercises. Your dancers will thank you in the long run!

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