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iPad and iPhone apps are important for every profession, even dance! This quick list of ipad and iphone apps are great for any dance teacher, allowing you to do more with your class, music, and teaching.

YouTube Capture

YouTube Capture combines YouTube with your phone or tablet’s camera. Basically, you can record a video on your device, edit it on screen, and immediately upload your videos. No more syncing, loading, etc. This really takes away the excuse to not upload your hard work on YouTube and other social platforms.

Coach’s Eye

Coach’s eye allows you to slow down and analyze movement on a new level. You can watch dances in slow motion to find out exactly what’s wrong or different among your group. This makes cleaning very precise for rehearsal.


If you’ve ever been at a dance competition, convention, or just in the mall and heard an amazing new song, you’ll understand why Shazam is so great. All you need to do is open to app, and have Shazam “listen” to the song. It then finds that particular song and saves it so you can go home and download it.

ITalk Recorder 

This voice recorder is easier to work with and find than the other voice recorder utility. If you’re rehearsing a dance, simply play the song, and start this app. You can make critiques-much like a judge would. This way, you don’t have to keep looking down to write on paper. You won’t forget any corrections either!


Instagram is a no brainer for dancers and dance teachers alike. It allows teachers to view new things, as well as record our own. Great for movement inspiration and to keep in contact with old students and friends!

Ballet Lite

This is a great tool to have for ballet dancers and teachers. It gives the basics of ballet terminology and spelling and correct technique. Good to use if you’re looking for new ballet moves to challenge your students with.


This dance app finds your location and shows you locations of anything dance related. This includes studios, dance wear shops, and performance theaters. I haven’t actually given this one a go, but it looks like it could be a life safer if you’re in an unfamiliar city.


Notetracks is a powerful App that can be used dancers and dance teachers writing and planning out a routine with a song.  It’s allows users to take notes, sketch drawings, add symbols all along an audio timeline.  Advanced audio features include markers so no more fast forwarding/rewinding.  Once finished, you can share the project with others too! Download it here

Hopefully one of these iphone/ipad apps will make it onto your device. If there is another app that you find useful, please share it in the comments below!

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  1. Im looking for an app to help me look for music, ie if I type in a theme it will give related music etc or maybe have remixed music that may be different from iTunes. anyone have any suggestions?

  2. try deezer.com. there’s monthly subscription 6.00 so that u can use limitless music on you computer and smartphones. many dance music to practice on from ballet to jazz, etc

  3. […] in slow motion (Coach’s Eye), and creating videos. Here is an overview of some of them: http://danceteacherconnect.com/apps-for-dance-teachers/ In addition to the apps listed I would also suggest Thinglink where you can combine multi-media […]

  4. I recommend this app:

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