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SYTYCD Recap July 3rd

So You Think You Can Dance Recap- July 3, 2014

In case you missed it last night (or don’t have cable any longer) SYTYCD introduced the top 20 dancers. They have a good mix this year, especially in their men. Take a peak at the contestants and tell me your…

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Jazz Playlist Summer 2014

Jazz Playlist: Summer 2014

Freshen up summer classes with some new tunes. Most of these songs are either fun and flirty or hard-hitting house music. No matter what age you end up teaching, you’ll definitely find some good songs in the following list. Playlist:…

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Dance Feet

Abolishing the Term “Bad Feet”

“She has bad feet.” “If only she had better feet.” “She’ll never be a professional because of her feet.”   Okay, i’m calling crap on this whole “beautiful feet vs bad feet”– Arches VS biscuits (as my old teacher used…

3 Comments / 1942 View / June 24, 2014

Lyrical & Contemporary Playlist Summer 2014

Lyrical & Contemporary Songs for Dance: Summer 2014

Here are some amazing songs I’ve recently stumbled upon. Some of very traditional lyrical and some are edgier and suited for contemporary movement. As always, be creative and try to choreograph a new style or song. I hate to split…

0 Comments / 3400 View / June 7, 2014

Mark Andrew Photography Dance

Featured Dance Photographer: Mark Andrew

We are proud to announce our first featured dance photographer: Mark Andrew. He is the former resident photographer at the National Museum of Dance in New York and has photographed for Martha Graham Dance Company, Desmond Richardson and the Paul…

0 Comments / 198 View / May 15, 2014

new music monday may 12

New Music Monday: May 12, 2014

This will be a quick post because I am not the one finding and distributing this week’s new music. I’m happy to share on of my favorite blog’s dance playlist: Jon Ali’s Spring Dance Playlist. This list is completely free…

0 Comments / 486 View / May 12, 2014

tips for dance

Tips for Teaching Spotting

Spotting in dance is extremely important. It helps dancers not get dizzy, aligns their spines and looks professional and mature.¬†Spotting clicks for some dancers, but for others it can be really hard. Some of the most common problems with spotting…

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How to Set up a Google+ Local Page for your Studio

Learn how to set up a Goole Local page for your dance studio! Google local pages are important because they show up in search results relative to the searcher’s location. When people are searching for your dance studio, you want…

1 Comment / 138 View / April 28, 2014

new look

Dance Teacher Connect is Undergoing a Face Lift

Dance Teacher Connect is excited and proud to announce that we are getting a new website. This new layout is more engaging, friendly and user-focused. When you see the new look, don’t worry- everything you love about DTC is still…

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5 ingredient granola bars for dancers

5 Homemade Granola Bar Recipes

Find your new favorite recipe from one of these homemade granola bars! All are healthy and bound to produce lots of energy for between class, conventions or competitions. Scan through the main ingredients and then click to view the entire…

0 Comments / 279 View / April 21, 2014