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Best Dance Conventions: 2013-2014

by / 0 Comments / 5747 View / November 5, 2013

Looking for the best dance convention to take your studio to? Here are some top picks

If you’re looking for “fame”

Sometimes its fun to go to dance conventions and see So You Think You Can Dance dancers and Mia Micheals. These teachers and demonstrators are inspiring, but some drawbacks are typically: Overcrowded and a packed schedule without down time. Nonetheless, you can learn a lot– including putting yourself out there. Some of the best dance conventions if you’re looking for fame are:

The Pulse

This year, The Pulse features Ian Eastwood, Chris Judd, Desmond Richardson and more. They don’t focus on the competition portion of dance which can be a nice break for your competitive students.

Jump Dance Convention 

This year the faculty consists of Bobby Newberry, Nick Lazzarini, Mia Micheals, and many more.


NUVO typically has a great balance of jazz, contemporary, hip hop and more. If you’re looking to really do different styles, I would recommend this one. Faculty includes Travis Wall, Stacey Tookey, Ivan Koumaev and more.

If you’re looking for intimate:

While large conventions have their benefits, smaller conventions that take place in studios are even better learning opportunities. There is more student-teacher interaction and sense of connection. These intimate dance conventions are great if you’re looking for that:

The Sessions

The sessions is intense. Their convention takes place over three or more days and features Chris Jacobsen, Brooke Pierotti and more. Go to this if you can!

Soul de Soul

This is a relatively new convection, but I’ve heard rave reviews from it’s Oklahoma City tour this past fall. The faculty consists of some of the best studio owners in the midwest- something you won’t want to miss!

Also don’t forget Monsters of Hip Hop. You can learn a tremendous amount from all-hip hop conventions–even if you declare yourself to be a jazz dancer!

Had a great experience at a dance convention this past year? Email me and I might include it.

[photo via Soul de Soul]
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