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Nationals Checklist for Teachers

The Complete Nationals Checklist

It’s almost dance nationals! If you’re a competition studio, this is what your year has been leading up to. Getting to travel to a new location and see other fantastic studios is always a great way to end the year…

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best dance conventions

Best Dance Conventions: 2013-2014

Looking for the best dance convention to take your studio to? Here are some top picks If you’re looking for “fame” Sometimes its fun to go to dance conventions and see So You Think You Can Dance dancers and Mia…

0 Comments / 5747 View / November 5, 2013

best lipstick for onstage

Best Lipstick Shades for Onstage

When dancers perform onstage they need to look clean and professional. Full eye makeup, blush, and lipstick are all necessities to dancers so they can look their very best. Instead of trying or purchasing tons of different lipstick shades, here…

0 Comments / 1342 View / September 25, 2013