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email etiquette

Email Etiquette for Dance Studios

I am hesitant to write this post because I know there are a lot of dancers, studio owners, and business–savvy choreographers that are well-versed in writing, email etiquette, and overall professionalism. But then I remember my past year and my…

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How to Keep Facebook Fresh & Updated

How to Keep Your Facebook Fresh

Keeping up with all the social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram) is a lot of work for a studio owner. The process of finding interesting things, scheduling them out, and keeping an eye on your pages takes a lot…

0 Comments / 214 View / February 25, 2015

Google Reviews

How to get Google Reviews for Your Dance Studio

Its the beginning of the dance year and thousands of new dancers and moms are looking to take at a new studio. How do they pick? Well, there are certainly tons of factors that go into choosing a dance studio:…

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How to Set up a Google+ Local Page for your Studio

Learn how to set up a Goole Local page for your dance studio! Google local pages are important because they show up in search results relative to the searcher’s location. When people are searching for your dance studio, you want…

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design tools for dance studios canva

Free Designs Tools for Dance Teachers, Studios and Students

Dancers and teachers are very artistic when it comes to movement and choreography but sometimes we can get stuck when it comes to turning that work into other media forms. Posting images or videos on your Facebook page, editing YouTube…

0 Comments / 473 View / January 14, 2014

dance studio marketing tips

Dance Studio Marketing Tips [Part One]

This is the first post in a series of dance marketing tips for studio, directors and performance groups. For this post, we will focus on the basics of internet marketing. Getting found online is extremely important. Google gets approximately 100…

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how to create a website for your dance studio

How to Create a Website for Your Dance Studio

In order to create a website for your dance studio, you’ll need a few things: Domain Name Hosting Company Publishing Platform Your domain name is the www.dancestudio.com. These typically run $8-$10. I would recommend getting a .com or .net. Other…

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Dancers Twitter

Twitter Tips for Dance Studios

Twitter can be a great tool for dancers, dance studios, and dance companies. There are over 58 million tweets happening every single day, so you can easily get lost in the commotion. If you’re a dancer or dance studio that wants…

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improve views on youtube

How to Optimize a YouTube Video

A large part of dance teacher’s networking comes from YouTube. There have been countless dancers and choreographers made “famous” by posting videos on Youtube, and it has led to successful careers that might not have been. As a dance teacher…

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