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Jazz & Technique Playlist: Summer 2017

Jazz & Technique Playlist: Summer 2017

Sorry I’ve been MIA for the past few months, but I’m back with a jazz, technique, across the floor playlist for summer 2017. The following songs are all up tempo and perfect for warm up, across the floor, and combinations….

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Lyrical & Contemporary Playlist Fall 2016

Lyrical & Contemporary Playlist: Fall 2016

This is a behemoth of a playlist. I’ve been collecting lyrical/Contemp music for a few months now, and I’m currently teaching four lyrical/contemporary classes each week. You could say that I need a lot of music. Here’s what I’ve been listening to. As always,…

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Jazz Playlist Fall 2016

Jazz Playlist: Fall 2016

Better late than never! Here’s what I’ve been listening to this past month in my jazz classes. Some of these songs are more mature so be sure to listen thoroughly before playing in class. Listen & Follow on Spotify Or…

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Jazz Songs for Summer 2016

Jazz Playlist for Dance: Summer 2016

It’s a little late in the summer, but there’s still plenty of classes, intensives, auditions, and workshops left before the dance season continues this fall. Here are some of my favorite songs I’ve been using for jazz class lately. Single…

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Jazz Playlist: Spring 2016

Jazz Playlist: Spring 2016

Another season, another playlist. Here are some of my favorite songs I’ve been jamming to in dance class. I organized this in a purposeful way, to try to please everyone as many people as a can. It goes like this: First…

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Lyrical Playlist 2016

Lyrical & Contemporary Playlist: Winter 2016

It’s been over two years since our famously popular lyrical and contemporary playlist went live. We’re still creating quarterly playlists so be sure to subscribe via email and get the latest posts in your inbox. This season’s playlist has some…

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Jazz Playlist Fall 2015

Jazz Playlist: Fall 2015

It’s time again. Classes start. Students are enthusiastic. Teachers are refreshed. New music is needed. We’ve compiled more great jazz songs for the beginning of your dance season so turn it up and get to sweatin. As always, these songs…

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Jazz Playlist: Summer 2015

Jazz Playlist: Summer 2015

It’s finally summer which means most traditional classes and rehearsals are replaced with intensives and boot camps. If you’re trying to spice up your class with fresh new music, check out some of the awesome songs below. Listen on Spotify If…

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Themes for Dance Teams

Theme Ideas for Dance Teams

I was recently asked to choreograph a nationals routine and the team requested a “theme.” Themes are great- they can tell a story, tie songs together, create a more watchable routine for the audience, but it can sometimes be hard…

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Jazz Playlist- Spring 2015

Jazz Playlist: Spring 2015

As we finish up the year and really dive into competition season, we need some new tunes to get us through. It’s brighter, warmer, and the end of school is nearing. Celebrate the start-of-the-end of your year with some of…

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