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5 Leg Exercises for Better Leaps & Jumps

5 Leg Exercises for Better Leaps & Jumps

There is a certain level of strength any dancer needs if they’re going to be leaping and jumping. And while practicing leaps and jumps each and every class is the best way to get stronger at leaps, there are a few…

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Summer down time

Summer Down Time: Helpful or Hurtful?

Summertime is the time during the year that some dancers relax, recharge and join their friends at the pool. For other dancers, this is the time to travel to conventions, get a head start on solos, and condition for the…

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Calories Burned Teaching Dance

How Many Calories Does Teaching Dance Burn?

How many calories can you expect to burn teaching dance? While there have been some recent studies on dancing and the energy it takes, there hasn’t been as much on teaching. Warming up, yelling encouraging, demonstrating, and running back and…

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Tips for Helping a Special Needs Dance Class

10 Tips for Working with Young Special Needs Dancers

Working with special needs children can be daunting, and asking them to complete a task can seem downright impossible at times. However, providing a safe, welcoming environment for these children is extremely important, especially in the arts. When special needs…

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Spirit Week Ideas for Dance Studios

Dance Spirit Week Ideas

Does your studio have a spirit week? While spirit weeks are most commonly associated with schools, they can be a fun, uniting time during a studio’s year as well. They can break the ice during the beginning of the year,…

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Don’t Vs Do

Don’t Vs Do – Getting Your Point Across in a New Way

“Don’t flex your feet! “Don’t stick your butt out” “Stop talking in class” These phrases are constantly being said in all types of dance (and other) classes. We’ve said these lines so many times that we become numb to how…

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How to Combat Burn out in Class & rehearsal

How to Combat Burn Out in Class & Rehearsal

It’s January. Finally competition season is here! While it’s an extremely exciting part of the year, burn out start to slowly creep into the studio. I’m not sure if it’s the bitter cold, the darkness, the school work load, the…

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six step prep

Why you Should Ditch the Six Step Prep

The beloved six step prep has been around for ages. ages! It has helped many of us improve our pirouettes and we our thankful for that, but there comes a time when you must move on to better things. Here’s…

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contemporary class

Tips for Structuring your Contemporary Class

Contemporary has grown to be one of the most popular dance genres in the past 10 years. The mixture between gorgeous lines and abstract contractions allows it to be one of the most versatile and stylistic types of dance. Truly…

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How to Teach Improv

How to Teach Improv

Getting students to improv can be like pulling teeth. While some dancers mesmerize us with their confident and cool moves, most dancers start out shy, predictable and timid. The key to improving your improv is to practice in the studio, but…

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