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5 Leg Exercises for Better Leaps & Jumps

5 Leg Exercises for Better Leaps & Jumps

There is a certain level of strength any dancer needs if they’re going to be leaping and jumping. And while practicing leaps and jumps each and every class is the best way to get stronger at leaps, there are a few…

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six step prep

Why you Should Ditch the Six Step Prep

The beloved six step prep has been around for ages. ages! It has helped many of us improve our pirouettes and we our thankful for that, but there comes a time when you must move on to better things. Here’s…

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tips for dance

Tips for Teaching Spotting

Spotting in dance is extremely important. It helps dancers not get dizzy, aligns their spines and looks professional and mature. Spotting clicks for some dancers, but for others it can be really hard. Some of the most common problems with spotting…

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Dance recital theme ideas

7 Dance Recital Theme Ideas

Dance Recitals are one of the biggest moment for a dance studio, especially if you choose to not compete. Renting out an auditorium, buying costumes, having dress rehearsals are all extremely important, but you need a good theme if you’re…

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Jazz class playlist

Jazz Class Playlist: Spring 2013

If you’re teaching a jazz class to students and are in need of some basic jazz music look no further. Here are some great tips for finding songs: Free Remixes and Mashups Find some of your favorite songs and look…

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How to improve leaps

How to Improve Leaps for Dancers [arms]

The upper body often get overlooked by students when performing leaps. There are many ways to improve arms in saute chats and leaps, but this can quickly take an intermediate leap to an advanced leap in one correction. When I…

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How to Improve Leaps for Dancers [Front Leg]

There are many ways you can improve your leaps/Saut de Chat. Most importantly dancers need a good balance of strength and flexibility in order to achieve a full split in the air. Sometimes, dancers have both of these things, but still lack the 180…

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Improve splits how to teach splits

4 Ways to Improve Splits

These are fun, new stretches to incorporate into your classes. Doing these stretches will push your students further to gain flexibility and improve their splits- at any level. 1. Turn back leg under in splits. 2. Use gym mat to…

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