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MY Story- Overcoming the Biggest Challenge Yet

My Story: “Overcoming the Biggest Challenge Yet”

A few weeks ago I met a new friend while climbing Mount Bierstadt¬†in Colorado. We got to talking about our outside jobs, activities and hobbies when our true passions came through. As you hopefully know, dance is one of my…

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Dancing on Slippery Floors: Solutions

Dancing on Slippery Floors: 5 Solutions

Dancing on slippery floors can be frustrating and even dangerous. One misstep and you can fall flat on your face which leads to embarrassment and injury. While there aren’t any fix-all solutions out there, there are certainly many things you…

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Dance Feet

Abolishing the Term “Bad Feet”

“She has bad feet.” “If only she had better feet.” “She’ll never be a professional because of her feet.”   Okay, i’m calling crap on this whole “beautiful feet vs bad feet”– Arches VS biscuits (as my old teacher used…

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Mark Andrew Photography Dance

Featured Dance Photographer: Mark Andrew

We are proud to announce our first featured dance photographer: Mark Andrew. He is the former resident photographer at the National Museum of Dance in New York and has photographed for Martha Graham Dance Company, Desmond Richardson and the Paul…

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tips for dance

Tips for Teaching Spotting

Spotting in dance is extremely important. It helps dancers not get dizzy, aligns their spines and looks professional and mature.¬†Spotting clicks for some dancers, but for others it can be really hard. Some of the most common problems with spotting…

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5 ingredient granola bars for dancers

5 Homemade Granola Bar Recipes

Find your new favorite recipe from one of these homemade granola bars! All are healthy and bound to produce lots of energy for between class, conventions or competitions. Scan through the main ingredients and then click to view the entire…

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fundraising ideas for dance teams

Fundraiser Ideas for Dance Teams

Fundraising is a huge part of many school’s dance teams and programs, but it doesn’t change the fact that going door to door selling cookie dough is tough, inefficient and boring. If you’re looking for fundraising ideas for your dance…

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strengthen ankles

5 Exercises to Build Ankle Strength

One of my personal pet peeves when watching dancers is during slow routines. The dancer onstage is supposed to be holding a beautiful position but the audience sees shakiness. A lot of this distracting shakiness comes from balance and ankle…

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warm up exercises to never skimp on

5 Warm Up Exercises to Never Skimp On

Sometimes you need to cut a warm up short. There’s only so much time during a class and a proper warm up often takes 30 -45 minutes. If you do need to modify your warm up every once in a…

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how to improve back flexibility in dance

How to Improve Back Flexibility

Learning how to improve back flexibility can help in all areas of dance. It creates longer lines in ballet, bigger movement in jazz and helps with acro and flexibility tricks. There are four main sections of the spine: Cervical Thoracic…

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