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interlochen summer intensive

Best Ballet Summer Intensives 2014

Interlochen Offering: 1 Week Advanced Ballet 3 Week Ballet Program 6 Week Ballet Program Tuition: $1,075 – $9,530 What Makes it Unique:  “At Interlochen Arts Camp, dancers grow and develop their artistry and technique in an environment that is challenging, focused and…

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common dance injuries and how to avoid them

Most Common Dance Injuries and How to Avoid Them

Injuries in dance can take you out for months, and there is nothing more frustrating than waiting on a muscle strain or sprained ankle to fully recover- if it ever does. When you’re young, you can get away with short…

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How to improve turn out

How to Improve Turn Out

Learning how to improve turn out is obviously important for dance. Not just that it creates longer lines, but it increases strength and range of motion. Here are some ways to improve turn out: Frog Stretch While laying on your…

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best dance conventions

Best Dance Conventions: 2013-2014

Looking for the best dance convention to take your studio to? Here are some top picks If you’re looking for “fame” Sometimes its fun to go to dance conventions and see So You Think You Can Dance dancers and Mia…

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why tap is still important

9 Reasons Why Tap Dancing is Still Important in 2013

Many dancers today consider themselves “well rounded dancers”.  To me, well rounded would mean knowing and being able to perform all styles of dance…at least knowing the basics of the styles you are not as strong in.  So, are you…

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Dance recital theme ideas

7 Dance Recital Theme Ideas

Dance Recitals are one of the biggest moment for a dance studio, especially if you choose to not compete. Renting out an auditorium, buying costumes, having dress rehearsals are all extremely important, but you need a good theme if you’re…

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how to stop music at certain time

4 Minute Total Body Warm Up for Dance

If you only have an hour for class, or are just in  hurry to work on other things, a long warm up can be frustrating. Warm ups are extremely important in dance. You loosen up, gain flexibility and strength, and…

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order of ballet class

Order of Ballet Class

The order of ballet class is actually very particular. You work on certain things first to improve strength, balance, and coordination through different exercises. The very basic order of ballet class is: Barre, Stretch, Adagio, Allegro. Here is the order…

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exercise balls and dance

How to Use an Exercise Ball for Abs of Steel

There is an amazing workout for you and your dancer’s core that takes no time at all! Unfortunately, it does require a yoga/ exercise ball so if you haven’t got one, you’ll have to be creative. Step 1: Position yourself…

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dance exercises to straighten and strengthen

How to Straighten and Strengthen Legs

Having long, strong, and slightly hyperextended legs in dance is a gift. It automatically makes your lines look better and your steps glide across the floor. For those that have a struggle with straightening their legs, there are tons of…

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