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New music monday

New Music Monday

Every Monday we’ll be featuring artists and singles to keep you updated on the latest new music. This week’s featured song is “Gun” by Chvrches. This song is great for dance warm ups, progressions, and combinations. Keep this artist on your…

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dance class playlist summer 2013

Summer Playlist 2013: For Dancers

Looking for Music for Jazz class? Check out our latest Fall 2013 Playlist! Summer dance class is here! Summer dance class and intensives should be a mix between fun and some serious sweat. If you’re looking for music for jazz…

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is running bad for dancers

Running and Dance: Do they mix?

As us dance teachers get older, we become less active, and most of turn to yoga, pilates, or running. While yoga and pilates are sort of protected in the dance world, running has a huge stigma attached to it. If…

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How to improve feet for Ballet

Order of Ballet Barre

The order of barre is important because it slowly and effectively warms your dancers up for center work, and helps them with their overall technique. Dance teachers can vary this order slightly, but this order is universally accepted and recommended in the…

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Jazz class playlist

Jazz Class Playlist: Spring 2013

If you’re teaching a jazz class to students and are in need of some basic jazz music look no further. Here are some great tips for finding songs: Free Remixes and Mashups Find some of your favorite songs and look…

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How to improve leaps

How to Improve Leaps for Dancers [arms]

The upper body often get overlooked by students when performing leaps. There are many ways to improve arms in saute chats and leaps, but this can quickly take an intermediate leap to an advanced leap in one correction. When I…

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ab workout for dancers

Core Warm Up for Dancers

There are hundreds of warmups targeting core ab muscles. We’ve experimented with many of them, and found some work much better than others. This particular ab warm up is quick, difficult and sure to strengthen core muscles. 1. Hold high plank position…

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How to Improve Leaps for Dancers [Front Leg]

There are many ways you can improve your leaps/Saut de Chat. Most importantly dancers need a good balance of strength and flexibility in order to achieve a full split in the air. Sometimes, dancers have both of these things, but still lack the 180…

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how to improve dancers feet

How to Improve Feet for Dancers

Not all of us are blessed with flexible feet and high arches, but there are many things dance teachers can do in order to improve your kids feet! these simple, yet effective methods can drastically improve a dancer’s feet and…

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Improve splits how to teach splits

4 Ways to Improve Splits

These are fun, new stretches to incorporate into your classes. Doing these stretches will push your students further to gain flexibility and improve their splits- at any level. 1. Turn back leg under in splits. 2. Use gym mat to…

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