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Kelsey Sewing

I Made a Costume! Here’s What I Would & Wouldn’t Do Again

This dance year I started working with Kaci. I don’t normally teach at Kaci’s studio, but I subbed one time and ended up working with her on a solo. She’s 8 so her and her mom are relatively new to…

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Money Saving Apps from a Fellow Dancer

So my first and and most rewarding passion is dance, but I also have an affinity for business, finance, and startups. My degree (entrepreneurship) and my job (content marketing) puts me into a place that a lot of my other…

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How to Cover Up Tattoos for Dance (and Cheer)

How to Cover Up Tattoos for Dance (and Cheer)

Tattoos have become a lot more popular in the past few years- especially among older teens and college students. A lot of dancers either put off getting a tattoo or go to great lengths to apply cover up between each and…

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5 Things to Avoid on your Studio Website

Having a good website is invaluable. Since most people will check out your site before entering your studio, it is truly their first impression of you. You won’t get to introduce your talented teachers or show off your spacious facility…

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Dancing on your period doesn't have to suck

Dancing on Your Period Doesn’t have to Suck

Male dancers: Avert your eyes. Periods. A fun topic. Every teen and woman knows that there are 3-5 days a month that are a little inconvenient. For dancers, Its even worse. I’ll never forget the time my studio had a…

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SYTYCD Recap July 3rd

So You Think You Can Dance Recap- July 3, 2014

In case you missed it last night (or don’t have cable any longer) SYTYCD introduced the top 20 dancers. They have a good mix this year, especially in their men. Take a peak at the contestants and tell me your…

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new look

Dance Teacher Connect is Undergoing a Face Lift

Dance Teacher Connect is excited and proud to announce that we are getting a new website. This new layout is more engaging, friendly and user-focused. When you see the new look, don’t worry- everything you love about DTC is still…

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dance facebook cover photo 2

Dance Facebook Cover Photos

This post is just for fun. I know many people are searching for dance Facebook cover photos so I thought i’d make a few and let you download them. Share these fun cover photos with your friends and if you…

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snacks for dance teachers

5 Foods to Keep you Teaching (or Dancing) All Night Long

Whether you’re dancing or teaching all night long, you’ll definitely need some sort of snack or food to keep you on your A game. Dance teachers don’t have much time to eat a full dinner every night, so instead we have to rely on…

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Apps for Dance Teachers

iPad and iPhone apps are important for every profession, even dance! This quick list of ipad and iphone apps are great for any dance teacher, allowing you to do more with your class, music, and teaching. YouTube Capture YouTube Capture…

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