Dance Competitions in Florida

Looking for dance competitions in Florida?

CompetitionCityDatesRegister Now
Kids Artistic Revenue Dance CompetitionFt. Lauderdale, FL4/8 - 4/10Register
Kids Artistic Revenue Dance CompetitionJacksonville, FL5/20 - 5/22Register
Kids Artistic Revenue Dance CompetitionOrlando, FL3/11 - 3/13Register
Applause Talent Dance CompetitionOrlando, FL5/13 - 5/15Register
Applause Talent Dance CompetitionLakeland, FL3/1 - 3/3Register
Hall of Fame Dance CompetitionBoca Raton, FL2/19 - 2/20Register
Hall of Fame Dance CompetitionLakeland, FL2/26 - 2/28Register
Hall of Fame Dance CompetitionJacksonville, FL2/12 - 2/14Register
International Dance ChallengeTampa, FL3/4 - 3/6Register
International Dance ChallengeFt. Lauderdale, FL2/12 - 2/14Register
International Dance ChallengeJacksonville, FL4/1 - 4/3Register
Masquerade Dance CompetitionOrlando, FL4/8 - 4/10Register
Nexstar Dance CompetitionLakeland, FL3/4 - 3/6Register
Nexstar Dance CompetitionJacksonville, FL2/19 - 2/20Register
Nexstar Dance CompetitionFt. Lauderdale, FL3/4 - 3/6Register
Nexstar Dance CompetitionPanama City, FL4/1 - 4/3Register
Nexstar Dance CompetitionOrlando, FL 4/8 - 4/10Register
Primetime Dance CompetitionFt. Lauderdale, FL5/6 - 5/8Register
Revolution Dance CompetitionLakeland, FL3/18 - 3/20Register
Revolution Dance CompetitionFt. Lauderdale, FL5/13 - 5/15Register
Showbiz Talent CompetitionJacksonville, FL2/7 - 2/9Register
Showbiz Talent CompetitionFt. Lauderdale, FL2/12 - 2/14Register
Showbiz Talent CompetitionLakeland, FL2/5 - 2/7Register
Showbiz Talent CompetitionDaytona Beach, FL3/18 - 3/20Register
Showstoppers Dance CompetitionOrlando, FL2/12 - 2/14Register
Showstoppers Dance CompetitionLakeland, FL4/29 - 5/1Register
Showstoppers Dance CompetitionPalm Beach, FL4/22 - 4/24Register
Starpower Dance CompetitionFt. Lauderdale, FL4/29 - 5/1Register
Starpower Dance CompetitionJacksonville, FL4/29 - 5/1Register
Starpower Dance CompetitionLakeland, FL4/15 - 4/17Register
Starpower Dance CompetitionOrlando, FL7/5 - 7/9Register

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