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Jazz Class Playlist: Spring 2013

If you’re teaching a jazz class to students and are in need of some basic jazz music look no further. Here are some great tips for finding songs:

Free Remixes and Mashups

Find some of your favorite songs and look up remixes and mashups. Many of these can be downloaded free from SoundCloud or links out of YouTube. These songs are great because your students will know them, but they’re still new and fun to listen to.

JonAlis Blog and More

I’ve been a fan of this blog for years! It always lists the latest music and often has downloads. Another huge help to dance teachers is the seasonal playlists it give out- for free! These playlists are long, energetic and are perfect for jazz class. Other great blogs are: This Song is Sick, Oh Hey Doctor and Daily Tunez.

My Favorites

Some of my favorite songs to teach jazz across the floor, warm up, etc this year are:

How to Be a Heartbreaker – Marina and the Diamonds
Come Fly Away- Benni Benassi
Let it Go- Dragonette
Room for Happiness- Kaskade
All you Ever Want- Deadmau5
Let Me Love You- Ne-yo
Just a Little Bit- Kids of 88
One and Obsession – Sky Ferriera
Alive- Krewella
Walk on By – Noosa (Sound Remedy)
Summit ft. Ellie Goulding (Aylen Remix) – Skrillex

If you would like this list of songs, just comment below with a working email address.