Dancing on your period doesn't have to suck

Dancing on Your Period Doesn’t have to Suck

by / 3 Comments / 11717 View / August 5, 2014

Male dancers: Avert your eyes.

Periods. A fun topic. Every teen and woman knows that there are 3-5 days a month that are a little inconvenient. For dancers, Its even worse.

I’ll never forget the time my studio had a dress rehearsal with costumes and I leaked through onto a beautiful gold (and expensive) costume.

Plus, most competitions these days schedule small and large groups on one day- leaving dancers little time to run to the bathroom or worry about switching out a tampon. Imagine the horror and plain discomfort of leaking right before you head on stage- yikes.

While tampons have truly come a long way to reduce these types of leaks, it still happens. If you have a heavy flow and no time to change your product, you will leak and it will suck.

Enter a relatively new product: The DivaCup.


This little guy is a medical-grade silicone cup that you insert into your vagina to collect your period.

Don’t turn away yet! While its not as flowery and fluffy as it’s tampon cousin, it provides 12 hour complete period protection. Truly great for dancing all day.


  • I’ve never experienced a leak using the Divacup.
  • Can be worn for a full 12 hours without discomfort.
  • Its comfy- After insertion, you cannot feel it.
  • Eco-friendly
  • Lasts for years
  • Zero Odor
  • Holds 30ml


  • Fairly invasive. If you’re not comfortable with your vagina, it might not be the best solution. My advice: get over it 🙂
  • There are times when it feels pinchy when removing, though this typically lasts for less than a second.
  • It’s “gross.” While I personally find my bodily functions to be fascinating, I can see where someone else would be grossed out. You are emptying out this cup and cleaning it so you may touch some period.

A few weeks ago, I taught at an all-day dance camp (9am to 8pm) and wore the Divacup. It kept me dry, fresh and unafraid of full exertion. I would definitely recommend giving it a go if you’re sick and tired of tampons.

For Divacup FAQs, check out this page. Or Buy Online.



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3 Comment

  1. omg I had the WORST day at ballet today… it leaked….

  2. hi, im a dancer and I just started my period at the beginning of the year. Im starting competitive dance at the end of the summer and im not currently comfortable wearing a tampon because im scared of getting toxic shock syndrome and I don’t know what to do because i want to dance comfortably without leaking. Please help!!

    • Hi Jemma,

      Do you have a mom or dance teacher you can speak with? I bet they would have some good advice for you. But don’t worry! All woman dancers deal with this annoyance and figure out a way to perform– whether it’s a pad, tampon, or menstrual cup. I know Toxic Shock seems scary, but it’s very rare. If you’re worried, you should consult your doctor.

      It will be okay- have a wonderful competition season!

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