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Free Designs Tools for Dance Teachers, Studios and Students

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Dancers and teachers are very artistic when it comes to movement and choreography but sometimes we can get stuck when it comes to turning that work into other media forms. Posting images or videos on your Facebook page, editing YouTube videos and making simple Tshirt designs are really important in the world of dance. Having free, easy to use tools makes our lives so much easier. With that being said, many dance teachers and students aren’t aware of the free design tools available to us. Here are my favorite free tools:


I use this tool almost every day. You can create free collages, website graphics and Facebook cover photos. This tool has two membership levels- regular and royal which are free and paid, respectively. I’ve never felt the need to buy the royal for what I do, although I can definitely see the many uses one could come up with. Here are some examples of what i’ve created in the past:

free design tools picmonkey


There are also pre-made shapes like speech bubbles, banners, holiday shapes to make creating wed graphics, logos and more. Again, this a fantastic free tool that allows you to create professional looking media and art.

example business card


If you’re looking for professional design software to handle your business cards, flyers or other paper goods, try Canva. It has thousands of templates that are modern and artistic, yet clean and simple. Try creating referral cards, punch cards or other promotional materials! Something I whipped up in a few minutes:

Awesome Screen Shot

This is just a quick extension in Google’s Chrome browser. It allows you to take a screen shot of images, text, video etc. It also allows you to edit and crop to make your point. It is supplemental to the design process and I highly recommend it!

Color Picker

Find a color picker if you’re going to be doing a lot of design work. These allow you to pick an exact color off a webpage to make sure it continues throughout your work. You don’t want to work hard on a design only to find that you’re one shade off your website color scheme.

Hopefully one of there design tools lets you be creative without breaking the bank. Interested in me helping you design? Contact me.


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