Calories Burned Teaching Dance

How Many Calories Does Teaching Dance Burn?

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How many calories can you expect to burn teaching dance? While there have been some recent studies on dancing and the energy it takes, there hasn’t been as much on teaching. Warming up, yelling encouraging, demonstrating, and running back and forth to turn music on is all in an evening’s work.

It definitely takes it out of you, but should you be adding additional workouts to your day? How many calories does teaching burn?

Let me quickly mention that I’m not overly obsessed with calorie intake and outtake. While I definitely like to stay in a healthy range, I’m not creating this post to keep close tabs on what I can and can’t eat. It’s just interesting to me.

An Experiment

I got a Fitbit HR for Christmas this year, and one of the cool things it does, besides counting steps and tracking sleep, is estimate calories. You enter your height, weight, and heart rate and it estimates a base calorie spend: In other words, if I did nothing all day, how many calories would I burn? My info is:

  • Height: 5’7″ (67 cm)
  • Weight: ~145lbs (65kg)
  • Resting BPM: ~66
  • Calories Burned Doing Nothing: 1,420

So I wore my FitbitHR when I taught class. Here is my Monday night schedule:

  • Hour 1: Contemporary
  • Hour 2: Intermediate Jazz Technique
  • Hour 3: Advanced Jazz Technique

In contemporary we mostly do combinations so I’m at the front demonstrating, talking quite and bit, and doing it full out 1-3 times per class.

In both intermediate and advanced jazz I do difficult HIIT-style 15-minute warmups before going across the floor and occasionally doing combos.

I would definitely say that this 3 hours of teaching is fairly average output on my end. It’s hard and I do everything with them, but i’m not dying either. So let’s get to it!

Here are My Results

calories burned spreadsheet

On average, I burned about 700 calories while I taught dance over 3 hours. 

My average calorie expenditure per hour was right at 233. It’s worth noting that sitting on my couch expends about 59 calories per hour, so the additional output is fairly good. Teaching dance an “entire night” (from 4-9) would expend over 1,100 calories!

Here are more interesting screenshots from week 3:

analyzed heart rate.

Fitbit screenshot


So it’s safe to say that teaching is certainly a workout. Anyone else track their calories and care to share? I would love input on young children as well as hip hop and tap!

How Many Calories Do You Burn Teaching Dance?


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