How to Combat Burn out in Class & rehearsal

How to Combat Burn Out in Class & Rehearsal

by / 0 Comments / 344 View / January 22, 2015

It’s January. Finally competition season is here! While it’s an extremely exciting part of the year, burn out start to slowly creep into the studio.

I’m not sure if it’s the bitter cold, the darkness, the school work load, the demanding dance/pom teams or the fact that the excitement of learning new pieces is starting to fade, but February is a tough month to get through even if your students are dedicated and devoted.

If you’re looking for some new ways to combat burn out, try one of the following ideas in your next class or rehearsal.

Split into Groups During Rehearsal

Encourage friendly competition in rehearsals and split your dancers into two or three groups. See which group can perform the piece better that week. Switch up what you’re looking for to practice each important element so include things like “best faces” “straightest legs” and so on.   This is especially good for younger kids- they love showing off to their classmates.

Hold a Showoff Night

While you’ve probably had a few show offs already, it’s beneficial to hold them every month or so- we used to hold them the Wednesday night before a competition. The younger kids want to show off to the older kids and the older kids want to show off to the younger kids- win win.

Have an Alumni Night

Host a showoff night and invite your alumni to come and watch. It’s a great way to reconnect to dancers you haven’t seen in a while- plus, your alumni might have some helpful feedback about your dances!

Turn a “Normal” Technique Class into an Opportunity to Let Loose

Surprise! Instead of doing a difficult warm up and across the floor, we’re going to learn a super-fun sexy combination to a new song.  Don’t worry about incorporating tons of technique into the combination. Sometimes it feels good to just shake your butt and be a little outrageous.

Refresh your Music Selection

If you’ve been listening to the same old stuff since August, get a new playlist! We create new playlists all the time so visit our posts or subscribe on the right to get new music in your mailbox.

dance stretch Take a Stretch

Take off from advanced technique and hold a stretching/ relaxation class. Play some soothing music, take a long stretch or even partner up and take turns massaging.

Bring in a Guest

It’s probably been a while since you’ve brought in a guest choreographer. Surprise your students with a hip hop master class during their original ballet time. It keeps things interesting.

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