how to cut music in garage band

How to Cut Music in GarageBand: For Dancers

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Cutting music in GarageBand has become an easy way to get quality music cut for free! All you need to know is some basic software skills, and you’ll be able to cut your dancer’s music in minutes. Here is how to quickly and safely cut music in Garageband:

Open GarageBand and select a new project.


Sometimes, certain downloaded files will not work through Garageband. Many times you’ll have to download, email, or find a new format.Luckily, this doesn’t happen too often.

how to cut music for dance

Once you’ve selected a song, click and drag to the left workspace. Make sure to align completely to the left or there will be a delay in your music.



You’ll also want to turn off the metronome. You can find it under “Control” and uncheck it. Unfortunately, it defaults to this, so you’ll have to do this each time you open GarageBand.
how to cut music for garageband

The scissor icon will open the lower portion where you will do the actual music cutting.



For Dancers, it’s best to have the measurement in time. If in meter, the cuts will automatically snap to counts, which in most cases doesn’t work. Simply click the tiny arrows to scroll through options.

Begin cutting! Once you see the plus sign, you click and drag to select. Once you’re satisfied with the selected area, hit delete on your keyboard. No worries if you make a mistake; just press control+z to undo.


Then you’ll start to inch your two segments close. It’s easier to expand the lower portion by using the slider as shown in the 5th step.


Once you’ve listened and think it sounds seamless, that’s all you need to do. you’ll then export it into itunes where it will automatically turn into an mp3.


Good luck cutting your music!

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5 Comment

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  2. […] How to Cut Music in GarageBand: For Dancers → […]

  3. How do you insert sound from:
    A) another part of the tune, OR
    B) another totally different tune

    into the cut?

    Do you have to save as an .mp3 file? Sometimes if you edit over and over, it sounds better if the editing is done in another Mac format, then the final cut can be saved as .mp3.


    Dan Ashley, Chicago

    • Did you ever figure that out Ashley? If you need more help, let me know.

      • Sorry… DAN.

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