how to improve dancers feet

How to Improve Feet for Dancers

by / 0 Comments / 9322 View / January 12, 2013

Not all of us are blessed with flexible feet and high arches, but there are many things dance teachers can do in order to improve your kids feet! these simple, yet effective methods can drastically improve a dancer’s feet and they take minimal class time. Better yet, most of these exercises can be done at home with everyday items.

improve dancers feet with theraband

Roll your feet with a can, roller, or any circular item

Rolling your feet on something will loosen up the muscles in the bottom of the foot. It will also make your dancer’s more aware of their feet muscles, and get them to point through each metatarsal.

Use theraband for ankles and toes

People have been using therabands for years with great effect. Try encircling the entire foot as well as isolating the toes. These work different muscles of the foot, and improve all types of dance movements: jumps, foot shape, ankle strength.

Get a partner

Simply getting a partner to press on your feet is another way to loosen up your ankle joints. Have them try pushing on toes, entire feet, and flexing. Each exercise affects a different part of the foot.

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