How to improve turn out

How to Improve Turn Out

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Learning how to improve turn out is obviously important for dance. Not just that it creates longer lines, but it increases strength and range of motion. Here are some ways to improve turn out:

Frog Stretch

While laying on your stomach simply bend your legs and let gravity do it’s work.

Rolling Through Middle Splits

Once you’re really warm and stretched out, try rolling through the middle splits 10+ times. This will loosen up your hip joints and lengthen all those inner thigh muscles.

Tendu combinations that incorporate flexed movement

While performing tendus at the bar or center, make sure to include flexed positions. For some reason, it is much easier to feel your hip rotation while flexed. Once you’ve hit your max turn out while flexed, try to leave your turnout there as your point/strength.


Practicing developpe combinations at the bar and in center is one of the best things you can do for turn out. Keep in mind your supporting leg.

Floor Barre

There are many differences versions of floor barre- all are great. Take a Pure Barre class or watch YouTube videos to brush up on basic floor barre technique.

Hopefully one of these tricks will help you or your students improve their turn out. Have other great turn out exercises? Comment below to share.

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