How to Keep Facebook Fresh & Updated

How to Keep Your Facebook Fresh

by / 0 Comments / 214 View / February 25, 2015

Keeping up with all the social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram) is a lot of work for a studio owner. The process of finding interesting things, scheduling them out, and keeping an eye on your pages takes a lot more time and energy than you think when you first setup the platforms.

If you’re struggling to keep your Facebook (or other channels) fresh, consider some of the following pointers.

Use Limited Number of Platforms

If you don’t have time for everything, devote time to one, single platform and make it count. My recommendation for studios is always Facebook. It’s the only place where students, parents, potential customers and other community members can easily be exposed to your studio. While Instagram is more trendy, do Facebook first.

Get Creative with Posts

Some post ideas if you’re struggling:

  • Senior Spotlights
  • Alumni Spotlights
  • Pictures from Previous Competitions
  • Motivation
  • Dance Quotes
  • Instructor News (like engagements, babies, etc)
  • Results from Last week’s competition
  • Studio News (New classes, schedule changes, etc)
  • YouTube Videos of performances
  • Videos of Class warm ups, across the floor, or combinations

Example quote post that we made in Canva (feel free to use on your Facebook!)

Dance Facebook Post Example


If there is a high school senior that is adept at social media, consider letting them take over the account. Offer them free private lessons or other incentives to keep it updated.

Another good solution is the front desk. Whoever mans the front desk might have a few minutes here and there to spend posting and answering questions.

If you want to be more in control of our own Facebook page, set aside 20 minutes each Monday to schedule out posts and answer questions on your wall.

Need Facebook cover photos? We made a few. Also, don’t forget to like Dance Teacher Connect on Facebook.

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