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How to Optimize a YouTube Video

by / 2 Comments / 1397 View / January 21, 2013

A large part of dance teacher’s networking comes from YouTube. There have been countless dancers and choreographers made “famous” by posting videos on Youtube, and it has led to successful careers that might not have been. As a dance teacher or choreographer starting out, how can you make your video stand out and get shared? Obviously having good choreography, dancers, and quality video recording play a large role, but there are other factors you need to consider.

YouTube Titles
YouTube is basically a search engine for videos, so title your videos things things people will search for. Make sure you include:

  • Title of Song
  • Name of Artist (if well-known)
  • The word “Dance/Choreography”
  • Dancer’s name (if well-known)


Surprisingly enough, many dance teachers do not put “Dance” or “Choreography” in the title of their youtube videos. I think dancers forget that non-dancers and students search for “SONG NAME Dance” in the Youtube search field.


Tags are definitely important too. They serve as an added emphasis to the main title. On the right side of Youtube are “Recommended Videos” which is where the tags comes into play. If you have the permission to use the dancer’s names, here is where I recommend putting them. Students and young people alike enjoy putting their friends name into search engines for the fun of it. If someone stumbles upon a friend (or themselves) dancing, they are much more likely to share it on their Facebook or Twitter account. With good dancing and choreography, this can amount to a ton of shares and views. See the examples below. The first video has been on YouTube for only a month, while the other has been posted for over a year. Which video are you?



Use Common Songs
As a dance teacher, I known how fun it is to “find” a song and use it before anyone’s heard it, but it could be hurting your Youtube channel. When starting out, use a few popular songs to boost views and subscriptions before you use those “hidden” songs. This is important because people search for what they know. For example, I posted a few lesser known songs with dance choreography I was really proud of. I didn’t get many views until I posted a Britney Spears song that was basic jazz choreography. Nothing spectacular, but I got many subscribers from it which opened the door to my other musical tastes.

Use these tips to help boost YouTube views and shares. With great choreography and dancers, there is no reason you can’t become the next YouTube phenomenon.

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  2. Good tutorial, Kelsey. Thanks for a lot. I’ve also described a technology of research tags and video optimization here – https://kparser.com/youtube-keyword-tool/
    And I’m interested in one question. Do you have any ideas, cases or tests, how subtitles influence on ranking in Youtube?

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