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How to Straighten and Strengthen Legs

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Having long, strong, and slightly hyperextended legs in dance is a gift. It automatically makes your lines look better and your steps glide across the floor. For those that have a struggle with straightening their legs, there are tons of exercises you can perform to help. This particular warm up exercise will lengthen the back of your legs behind the knee as well as strengthen all of your leg muscles.

Sit in a second position for this exercise. Then flex your feet as much as you can so that your heels are completely off the floor. Every muscle in your leg should be engaged and strong. Hold this flexed position for about 30 seconds.

dance warm up exercisesThen, keeping you heels off the ground, point your ankles and toes. The higher your heels from the ground, the better. You can then alternate flexing and pointing until your muscles are exhausted. Many girls won’t be able to keep their heels off the ground at first, but with practice, it will happen.

If you have a dancer that has overly hyper extended legs, she should remained pointed the entire time. For some extremely flexible people it can hurt their knees if flexing too hard. Do this exercise every time you warm up for best results. It really works!

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