exercise balls and dance

How to Use an Exercise Ball for Abs of Steel

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There is an amazing workout for you and your dancer’s core that takes no time at all! Unfortunately, it does require a yoga/ exercise ball so if you haven’t got one, you’ll have to be creative.

Step 1: Position yourself onto the exercise ball so that you’re mimicking a push up position. The only different is that your legs are on top of the exercise ball so your body is parallel to the ground.

exercise balls dance warm up


Step 2: Contract your abs and roll the ball towards your hands. Keep your hands shoulder-width apart and engage your biceps, triceps and back. Also keep in mind to use proper dance technique. Keep your legs strong and stretched and point your ankles fully.

exercise balls and dance

Step 3: Keeping your hands in the same place, allow the ball to roll back slowly to your starting position. If you want a challenge, hyper extend your roll so that your entire body pulls back from your hands.

exercise balls and dance

When you do this multiple times, the hyper extension into the pike position is killer! It engages your lower abs, obliques, lats, and arms. Try to do these with control and you should feel centered and tight when you go to dance.

You can also do this exercise in a circular motion once you’ve mastered the original.

If you’re interested in purchasing exercise balls for your studio, Amazon has inexpensive ones that you can find here:

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