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Order of Ballet Barre

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The order of barre is important because it slowly and effectively warms your dancers up for center work, and helps them with their overall technique. Dance teachers can vary this order slightly, but this order is universally accepted and recommended in the dance world.

Quick warm up (arch presses, demi plies, warm up neck, shoulders, arms)
Slow Tendu
Fast Tendu
Slow Degage
Fast Degage
Ron de jambe
Barre stretch (optional)
Fondue and Developpe
Grand Battements

If your classes are shorter, you may choose to do either a slow or fast degage, not both. Additionally, you may skip the barre stretch, as it can make muscles relaxed and slower for grand battements and frappe. For each of these exercises, you should assign a wide range of balancing to finish including balancing in first, fifth, passe, coupe, back attitude, and any others you are working on.

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