order of ballet class

Order of Ballet Class

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The order of ballet class is actually very particular. You work on certain things first to improve strength, balance, and coordination through different exercises. The very basic order of ballet class is: Barre, Stretch, Adagio, Allegro. Here is the order of ballet class if you want to cover all exercises:

1. Ballet Barre (see Order of Ballet Barre)

2. Barre Stretch

3. Adagio

4. Tendus from 5th

5. Pirouette Combination

6. Jumps in Center ( warm up for petit allegro)

6. Petit Allegro

7. Waltz

8. Grand Allegro

9. Reverance

If you are working on specific elements, you can certainly stray from this. If you are looking to have a classical class, this guide will help you keep the order of ballet class.

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