How to Teach Improv

How to Teach Improv

Getting students to improv can be like pulling teeth. While some dancers mesmerize us with their confident and cool moves, most dancers start out shy, predictable and timid. The key to improving your improv is to practice in the studio, but…

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New Music Monday: October 20

New Music Monday [October 20, 2014]

This week’s new music Monday, some songs are new, some are old! It’s always fun (and slightly frustrating) to find a great song that you could have been listening to a year ago. Oh well, better late than never. Hopefully…

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MY Story- Overcoming the Biggest Challenge Yet

My Story: “Overcoming the Biggest Challenge Yet”

A few weeks ago I met a new friend while climbing Mount Bierstadt in Colorado. We got to talking about our outside jobs, activities and hobbies when our true passions came through. As you hopefully know, dance is one of my…

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New Music Monday: September 22

New Music Monday: September 22

There are so many new songs out I could make a brand new playlist, but this longer New Music Monday will suffice. Here are some of my favorite new songs that have come out over the past few weeks: Halsey…

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Dancing on Slippery Floors: Solutions

Dancing on Slippery Floors: 5 Solutions

Dancing on slippery floors can be frustrating and even dangerous. One misstep and you can fall flat on your face which leads to embarrassment and injury. While there aren’t any fix-all solutions out there, there are certainly many things you…

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Google Reviews

How to get Google Reviews for Your Dance Studio

Its the beginning of the dance year and thousands of new dancers and moms are looking to take at a new studio. How do they pick? Well, there are certainly tons of factors that go into choosing a dance studio:…

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Jazz Playlist: Fall 2014

Jazz Playlist: Fall 2014

This jazz playlist is a little more diverse than previous ones. Instead of mainly hard hitting songs, i’ve given into more sultry and artistic sounds. Still, give each of these tracks a listen! Listen to the Playlist on YouTube  Somewhere…

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Lyrical & Contemporary songs: Fall 2014

Lyrical & Contemporary Playlist: Fall 2014

I’ve been holding out on this playlist to make sure it’s really long and contains awesome music. I absolutely love these songs and how unique they are. Some are new, some are old, some are haunting, some are lullabies. Be…

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Dancing on your period doesn't have to suck

Dancing on Your Period Doesn’t have to Suck

Male dancers: Avert your eyes. Periods. A fun topic. Every teen and woman knows that there are 3-5 days a month that are a little inconvenient. For dancers, Its even worse. I’ll never forget the time my studio had a…

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New Music Monday July 7th

New Music Monday: July 7th

This new music monday we have three songs by Tegan and Sara, Sam Smith and NONONO. All songs are slow and powerful- perfect for any type of lyrical, contemporary or stretching. Don’t Find Another Love: Tegan & Sara (Purchase)  …

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