spring 2014 playlist

Dance Teachers Playlist for Jazz Class: Spring 2014

Last year we had one of our first music posts go live which was playlist for jazz class: spring 2013. This season, we’re back with new songs for dance class. Get your students excited- all of these songs are great…

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dance facebook cover photo 2

Dance Facebook Cover Photos

This post is just for fun. I know many people are searching for dance Facebook cover photos so I thought i’d make a few and let you download them. Share these fun cover photos with your friends and if you…

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music march 31

New Music Monday: March 31

Both of these songs are slow and soothing. The first is by Nina Nesbitt which i’ve only heard of recently. The song i’ve selected is beautiful and powerful. The second is by Dry the River – another new artist to…

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oldies music for dance

“Oldies” Playlist for Jazz Class

Oldies! Every once in a while I like to play some throwbacks and see the kids get excited. Sometimes they don’t know each track, but there are always some that get quite the reaction. Warning: Some of these aren’t that…

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strengthen ankles

5 Exercises to Build Ankle Strength

One of my personal pet peeves when watching dancers is during slow routines. The dancer onstage is supposed to be holding a beautiful position but the audience sees shakiness. A lot of this distracting shakiness comes from balance and ankle…

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new music monday march 3

New Music Monday – March 3rd, 2014

Sometimes i’m ahead of the music trends and sometimes i’m far behind! I found Jasmine Thompson not too long ago and absolutely love her. She does mostly covers of other popular songs, but creates a unique and beautiful take on…

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warm up exercises to never skimp on

5 Warm Up Exercises to Never Skimp On

Sometimes you need to cut a warm up short. There’s only so much time during a class and a proper warm up often takes 30 -45 minutes. If you do need to modify your warm up every once in a…

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how to improve back flexibility in dance

How to Improve Back Flexibility

Learning how to improve back flexibility can help in all areas of dance. It creates longer lines in ballet, bigger movement in jazz and helps with acro and flexibility tricks. There are four main sections of the spine: Cervical Thoracic…

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lyrical and contemporary songs winter 2014

Lyrical and Contemporary Songs: Winter 2014

Find new and inspiring lyrical and contemporary music for dance in our Winter 2014 post: Top Songs: Jupiter – Sleeping at Last (Purchase) Soothing, this song starts off instrumental and picks up with singing at the end. Let it Be…

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jazz classs playlist winter 2014

Jazz Class Playlist: Winter 2014

Here is another playlist for jazz or conditioning class. Check out the following songs to get your students excited about class, across the floor, or whatever else you’re working on. These are all clean unless mentioned otherwise. Some of my…

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