jazz classs playlist winter 2014

Jazz Class Playlist: Winter 2014

Here is another playlist for jazz or conditioning class. Check out the following songs to get your students excited about class, across the floor, or whatever else you’re working on. These are all clean unless mentioned otherwise. Some of my…

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interlochen summer intensive

Best Ballet Summer Intensives 2014

Interlochen Offering: 1 Week Advanced Ballet 3 Week Ballet Program 6 Week Ballet Program Tuition: $1,075 – $9,530 What Makes it Unique:  “At Interlochen Arts Camp, dancers grow and develop their artistry and technique in an environment that is challenging, focused and…

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design tools for dance studios canva

Free Designs Tools for Dance Teachers, Studios and Students

Dancers and teachers are very artistic when it comes to movement and choreography but sometimes we can get stuck when it comes to turning that work into other media forms. Posting images or videos on your Facebook page, editing YouTube…

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new music monday mashups

New Music Monday [2013 Mashups]

I’m sure many of you have already heard some of the big 2013 mashups, but incase you have not, get excited! There are three popular 2013 mashups this year: Robin Skouteris, Pop Danthology, and DJ Earworm. Theses are perfect for…

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dance studio marketing tips

Dance Studio Marketing Tips [Part One]

This is the first post in a series of dance marketing tips for studio, directors and performance groups. For this post, we will focus on the basics of internet marketing. Getting found online is extremely important. Google gets approximately 100…

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birdy image

New Music Monday [December 30th]

Both these new songs are from the British singer Birdy. She has performed numerous covers of various artists and has a growing fan base. Both of these songs were and still are extremely popular and would make for great lyrical…

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common dance injuries and how to avoid them

Most Common Dance Injuries and How to Avoid Them

Injuries in dance can take you out for months, and there is nothing more frustrating than waiting on a muscle strain or sprained ankle to fully recover- if it ever does. When you’re young, you can get away with short…

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New Music Monday [December 9th]

Most of you know that Britney Spears released a new album last Tuesday. I like her song “Work B****” but it is almost impossible to play in class. (Unless you’re teaching an adult class, don’t play that song!) I was…

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Christmas Music Playlist 2013

Christmas Music Playlist 2013

Christmas time at the studio can be such a fun and special time. Consider decorating your studio with lights, ornaments or a Christmas tree. Playing Christmas music in class can also set the mood and get people cheery and in…

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How to improve turn out

How to Improve Turn Out

Learning how to improve turn out is obviously important for dance. Not just that it creates longer lines, but it increases strength and range of motion. Here are some ways to improve turn out: Frog Stretch While laying on your…

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