New Music Monday: [Bastille – Things We Lost in the Fire]

New music for dance class: Bastille has been recording some amazing songs and they released a CD on iTunes. From listening this morning, one of my immediate favorites is “Things we Lost in the Fire” Listen and enjoy here: Things…

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music for jazz class 2013

Music for Jazz Class: Fall 2013

Here is music for jazz class to start the year off right! Some of these songs are brand new and some are older, but I would definitely recommend each. Get pumped up for fall dance class with this playlist: The…

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order of ballet class

Order of Ballet Class

The order of ballet class is actually very particular. You work on certain things first to improve strength, balance, and coordination through different exercises. The very basic order of ballet class is: Barre, Stretch, Adagio, Allegro. Here is the order…

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exercise balls and dance

How to Use an Exercise Ball for Abs of Steel

There is an amazing workout for you and your dancer’s core that takes no time at all! Unfortunately, it does require a yoga/ exercise ball so if you haven’t got one, you’ll have to be creative. Step 1: Position yourself…

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new music monday at dance teacher connect

New Music Monday

AOSOON- Me to You I love this song because it’s peaceful and beautiful. It would be a perfect song for stretching, lyrical or contemporary class. Enjoy! Listen and Download: AOSOON- Me to you Be Sure to check out their other songs on their…

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dance exercises to straighten and strengthen

How to Straighten and Strengthen Legs

Having long, strong, and slightly hyperextended legs in dance is a gift. It automatically makes your lines look better and your steps glide across the floor. For those that have a struggle with straightening their legs, there are tons of…

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New music monday

New Music Monday

Every Monday we’ll be featuring artists and singles to keep you updated on the latest new music. This week’s featured song is “Gun” by Chvrches. This song is great for dance warm ups, progressions, and combinations. Keep this artist on your…

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dance class playlist summer 2013

Summer Playlist 2013: For Dancers

Looking for Music for Jazz class? Check out our latest Fall 2013 Playlist! Summer dance class is here! Summer dance class and intensives should be a mix between fun and some serious sweat. If you’re looking for music for jazz…

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Dancers Twitter

Twitter Tips for Dance Studios

Twitter can be a great tool for dancers, dance studios, and dance companies. There are over 58 million tweets happening every single day, so you can easily get lost in the commotion. If you’re a dancer or dance studio that wants…

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snacks for dance teachers

5 Foods to Keep you Teaching (or Dancing) All Night Long

Whether you’re dancing or teaching all night long, you’ll definitely need some sort of snack or food to keep you on your A game. Dance teachers don’t have much time to eat a full dinner every night, so instead we have to rely on…

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