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Twitter Tips for Dance Studios

by / 1 Comment / 180 View / June 5, 2013

Twitter can be a great tool for dancers, dance studios, and dance companies. There are over 58 million tweets happening every single day, so you can easily get lost in the commotion. If you’re a dancer or dance studio that wants to gain followers or boost Twitter interaction, follow these steps!

Link to your site or Facebook Profile

If you’re a dance studio using twitter, put a link in your profile. This not only encourages users to visit your site, but actually improves your site’s ranking on Google and other search engines. It takes no time at all so get to it!

Don’t Automate Tweets

Don’t automatically post your dance studio news from Facebook or your site. People don’t like seeing robots on their twitter feed. If you don’t have time to personally manage a Twitter account, just don’t have one. It is better to not participate in a particular social media than to annoy your followers!

Use Appropriate Hashtags

Twitter is a community so if there’s a fitting hashtag use it! You can be creative or funny with these, but don’t overdo it. Too many hashtags can look tacky.

Tag Other Dancers/Companies

Everyone likes to have some attention and be mentioned on Twitter. If you include other people’s user names in your tweets, you’ll probably get a retweet from them, which go out to all of their followers. This can be an easy way of gaining followers for your dance studio or company.

Don’t Restrict Yourself to just Dance

Mention other brands, especially local businesses near your studio. They’ll love the attention, and you may even get some new business from it!

Using these easy twitter tips for dance studios can easily boost your following and you’ll have more devoted fans and students. Have fun tweeting and Follow Us on Twitter!


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